Gables Foundation welcomes new board member: Dr. Andy Gomez

November 11, 2012

by mbokor


The Coral Gables Community Foundation recently welcomed a new board member, Dr. Andy S. Gomez, who serves as special assistant for international affairs at the University of Miami.

“I have seen and admire the work of the foundation in our community, which is very important,” said Dr. Gomez. “Chair Bill Bonn asked me to join the board and I could not turn it down.”

Dr. Gomez was born in Cuba and left the country with his family early in 1961. Now a resident of Coral Gables, he has come to develop a sincere adoration for “The City Beautiful.”

As a board member, Dr. Gomez intends to promote further community involvement throughout the Gables. He believes its active citizens, diversity and rich history are what make the Gables such an extraordinary place to live.

“Coral Gables is very special because [of its] citizen involvement,” said Dr. Gomez, who was recently selected as one of South Florida’s most influential Hispanics. “It has a great history and great people of all walks of life living in it.”

In addition to his new role at the Coral Gables Community Foundation, Dr. Gomez holds an array of prestigious positions, many of which attest to his dedication of the Gables.

He serves on the board of directors of the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce (as UM’s representative) and on the city of Coral Gables Budget and Audit Advisory Committee.

Dr. Gomez has also held many leadership positions at UM, serving as dean of the School of International Studies from 2001-2004 and assistant provost for planning, institutional research and assessment from 2005-2012. He was also on the board of trustees of the Southern Association of Colleges and Universities from 2008-2012.

An academic scholar in the field of Cuban studies, Dr. Gomez is a senior fellow at UM’s Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies. His involvement with Cuban studies ranges from teaching various courses at UM to lecturing extensively at national and international conferences. A consultant on Cuban issues to ABC News, Dr. Gomez is also a member of the Cuba Corps Advisory Board and was a Nonresident Senior Fellow for the Brookings Institution’s Cuban Foreign Policy Program from 2008-2010.

“The Coral Gables Community Foundation is very fortunate to have a new board member with the breadth of experience and the depth of educational background of Dr. Gomez,” said Mr. Bonn, the foundation chair. “We will value the viewpoints expressed by Dr. Gomez in his new role on our board and look forward to working with him to make Coral Gables an even better city in which to live.”

Dr. Gomez said he is looking forward to channeling all of his experience into his work with the Coral Gables Community Foundation as he continues to emphasize the importance of community participation.

“Every person at some time in their life should get involved in their community in some way,” Dr. Gomez said. “It is what makes our democracy so great.”