Coral Gables Community Foundation Awards nearly $150,000 at annual Merrick Society Reception

CORAL GABLES, FLORIDA  (May 26, 2017) — The Coral Gables Community Foundation hosted the fifth annual Merrick Society reception on May 25th, where nearly $150,000 were awarded in college scholarships to and grants.

Dedicated to continuing city founder George E. Merrick’s vision for Coral Gables, the Merrick Society represents the Foundation’s highest levels of giving, where donors make a three-year commitment of support at the $1,000 level and higher. Friends and supporters gathered at the beautiful home of Claudine Claus in Coral Gables to celebrate the Foundation’s most generous donors and their contributions to the City Beautiful.

The Coral Gables Community Foundation and its fund holders take pride in awarding scholarships to assist deserving students with financial need. This year, the Foundation presented The Coral Gables Community Foundation’s Four-Year Scholarship, the Ralph V. Moore Scholarship for Cavalier Excellence, the Lady Suzanna P. Tweed Scholarship, the Kerdyk Family Music Scholarship, the Culinary Arts Fund Scholarship and for the first time, the Garcia Perseverance Scholarship. The students were presented their awards by Scott Richey, Chair of the Four-Year Scholarship Committee and the Foundation’s Board of Directors for their academic excellence and outstanding service to their school and community.

The 25 recipients of college scholarships from the Foundation are: Albany Muria, Angelica Viscito, Annie Farrell, Jose Puig, Juliette Bouchett, Mariam Ahumada, Lane Morris, Rey Prieto, Jaquelyn Elias, Jake Paz, Angie Mella, Jillian Paz, Valentina Castillo, Zayna Vincent, Patricia Garcia, Noelia Hernandez, Melissa Rodriguez, Evelin Guifaro, Brian Martinez, Cassandra St. Charles, Kristy Rodriguez and Mirella Martinez.

“We are so proud to award these 25 talented and deserving students with college scholarships. Additionally, our Community Grants efforts have reached a new high with the awarding of more than $50,000 to 20 non­profit organizations with an impact in Coral Gables. The generosity of our fund holders, donors and supporters throughout the year make this possible,” said Mary Snow, Executive Director of the Coral Gables Community Foundation.

In addition to the scholarship awards, the event also celebrated the Foundation’s Spring 2017 Community Grant recipients. Twice a year, the Coral Gables Community Foundation awards grants to non-profit organizations with an impact in Coral Gables. Twenty non-profit organizations were presented with their grant award by the Chair of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, John O’Rourke.

The Coral Gables Community Foundation is proud to support the great work of its Spring 2017 Grantees:

  • Camillus House
  • Dental Clinic at the Coral Gables Women’s club
  • Bake-A-Wish Miami
  • Bake-a-Wish
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • Casa Valentina
  • Children’s Bereavement Center
  • Community Arts Program At Coral Gables Congregational Church
  • Coral Gables Art Cinema
  • Genes Foundation
  • Coral Gables Museum
  • Guitars Over Guns
  • ICU Baby
  • Junior Orange Bowl
  • Miami Children’s Museum
  • Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship
  • Red Chemistry
  • Seraphic Fire
  • Teach for America
  • Miami Gay Men’s Chorus
  • Montgomery Botanical Center

“Our Board of Directors, Merrick Society members, fund holders and supporters are such an important part
of our giving,” said John O’Rourke Ill, Chairman of the Coral Gables Community Foundation Board of
Directors. “Their generosity allows us to give back in these impactful ways, which adds to the footprint of
the Foundation and enhances the quality of life in Coral Gables.”

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