A Donor Advised Fund is a charitable investment ac­count

A Donor Advised Fund is a charitable investment ac­count that allows donors to make gifts to the causes and charities that are important to them. Gift cash and/or securities to your Donor Advised Fund for which you will receive an income tax deduction which could be used to reduce your annual tax liability.

The Foundation handles all of the administrative aspects of your Fund and can help you determine the most tax-efficient method of accomplishing your philan­thropic objectives. You have the flexibility to rec­ommend the specific organizations you’d like to benefit from grants awarded through your Fund. Everything from your alma mater, to your place of worship and food pantry.

Establish your Fund with:

Cash, Stock
Real Estate, Life Insurance
Gift from another DAF
Grant from a Private Foundation

Let’s Get Started.

We look forward to being your philanthropic partner. Let us help you maximize the impact of your charitable dollars and establish a legacy of impact that will last forever. For more information, please visit gablesfoundation.org/daf (link in bio) or contact us at info@gablesfoundation.org.