2023 Tristarr Adult Education Grants

New Tristarr Adult Education Fund Generously
Improves Access to Life-long Learning
Through Coral Gables Community Foundation

Direct Benefits for Coral Gables High Adult Education Program,
Miami Dade College School of Continuing Education
And Grants for Nonprofits Working in Adult Ed
Outlines A Future in which Lifelong Learning is the Model for All


CORAL GABLES, FL (June 2, 2023) – Because “not everyone’s life runs in the same track,” improving access to life-long learning opportunities is the generous promise of the new Tristarr Adult Education Fund at the Coral Gables Community Foundation.  

Adults who return to school to study career skills, citizenship, languages and cultural enrichment in Coral Gables and Miami-Dade County will benefit from a visionary, $75,000 gift. The Fund establishes eligibility for support:  Miami Dade College School of Continuing Education and Professional Development (ce.mdc.edu), and Coral Gables Adult Education Center (coralgablesadultedu.com) will each receive grants of $25,000 in the first year. Local non-profit organizations also will be eligible to apply for grants in support of programs for adults who re-enter school.


Principal Donor Lauren Barnett said that she and her husband “come from families where not everyone went to university and some didn’t get a high school equivalency at the usual age. … [Our experience teaching adult education] gave us both a chance to see not only how dedicated late-life learners are, but also how limited our current idea of education can be.” 

Barnett continued, “Lifelong education, I believe, is the future. It improves access to education by recognizing that not everyone’s life runs in the same track. It gives limitless opportunity for people to change and grow to better contribute to their community. It means believing in people and their potential to change the world at every stage of their lives, not just until they are 18. And it embodies the idea that an education is a right, not a privilege. If anyone, at any age, with any background wants training or an education or to learn something new, that opportunity not just be available but easy for them to access, because then we can all make the most of our entire lives. It means it’s never too late.” 


“I am particularly excited about working with Miami Dade College and Coral Gables Adult Education Center because they are already making available adult education,” said the donor. “They know the challenges and opportunities their students and programs face, so we can make the best possible impact from the start. I also really value the range of opportunities at the Coral Gables Adult Education Center. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all mindset. Instead, they look at what the community wants and needs, so they are very well placed to help and to make a real impact on people’s lives.”


  • Miami-Dade College Division of Continuing Education, $25,000
    “Continuing Education ESOL Learning”
  • Coral Gables Adult Education Center, $25,000
    “Adult Education Programs including ESOL, GED and Citizenship”
  • Baptist Health Doctor’s Hospital, $5,000
    Community Medical Classes”
  • Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, $5,000
    “Community Adult Classes at Fairchild”
  • Miami Film Lab, $3,000
    Filmmaking Master class Series at Gables Art Cinema”
  • LBW Homeowners Foundation, $2,000
    “Senior Social / Digital Learning Saturdays”
  • Thelma Gibson Health Initiative, $5,000
    Senior Literacy Information Project (SLIP)”
  • City of Coral Gables Adult Activity Center, $5,000
    ‘Mind and Melody’ and ‘Digital Technology for Seniors’


The Tristarr Adult Education Fund, created by Lauren Jane Barnett with a donation to the Coral Gables Community Foundation in 2022, seeks to promote access to, and support for, adult and lifelong education in both the UK and the US, with the aim of improving the educational opportunities for those over the age 25.


Coral Gables Adult Education Center makes available to members of our community a wide range of learning opportunities to help them achieve their educational goals.  Whether it’s learning English, becoming computer literate, completing high school coursework, or just learning for personal growth and enrichment, Coral Gables Adult Education Center has lots to offer. Coralgablesadultedu.com and https://www.giveourstudentstheworld.org 


The Miami Dade College School of Continuing Education and Professional Development is your source for high-quality workforce training, adult education programs, and personal enrichment courses that are accessible to the community. The School provides innovative educational experiences that are responsive to the needs and interests of industry and life-long learners of all ages. ce.mdc.edu


The Coral Gables Community Foundation inspires impactful philanthropy through charitable funds and programs using local knowledge, expertise and trusted relationships. The Foundation is proud of awarding more than $11 million to worthy causes throughout our community and manages 21 scholarship funds. Learn more at GablesFoundation.org