Profiles in Philanthropy

“Coral Gables is a nicer place to live because of the Coral Gables Community Foundation”

— Peter L. Bermont,
Managing Director, Bermont Gold Wealth Advisory


Past Board Member, Coral Gables Community Foundation;, Philanthropist

‘We started the Villamil Family Foundation with the Coral Gables Community Foundation because wanted to help the foundation. We were giving in different areas in the community and we said, well we’re going to channel it through the CGCF. We win as a family that is giving funds to the foundation, and the foundation wins because they can manage our funds…”

— Marielena Villamil,
Past Board Member, Donor, Fund Holder, Coral Gables Community Foundation


Past Board Member, Coral Gables Community Foundation; Civic Leader and Business Executive, Philanthropist.

‘The Coral Gables Community Foundation is the right vehicle to make sure that we leave this world much better than we found it.”

— Willy A. Bermello,
founding chair, Coral Gables Community Foundation

Founding Chair, Coral Gables Community Foundation; Architect; Philanthropist