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Our focus is philanthropy and community. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent personal service to our donors and providing a deep understanding of your community and its long-term needs.

As a local non-profit organization with three decades of experience serving Coral Gables, our Board of Directors and staff have a profound understanding of our community’s issues and needs. Our goal is to help our donors make their philanthropy more effective, more creative, and more local.


The Coral Gables Community Foundation inspires impactful philanthropy through charitable funds and programs using local knowledge, expertise and trusted relationships.

‘The Coral Gables Community Foundation is the right vehicle to make sure that we leave this world much better than we found it.”

— Willy A. Bermello,
Founding Chair, Coral Gables Community Foundation
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Six Ways to Give to the Community

Endowments And Legacy Gifts

Creating an endowed fund is an opportunity to provide a gift that will keep on giving well into the future as well fund the needs of the moment. If you wish to protect the funds you receive and share the benefits of diversified investment management, you can set up an endowment fund with the Coral Gables Community Foundation, adding contributions whenever you wish. The Foundation manages the funds under our Board-approved Investment Policy and disburses the income as determined by the donor.

Planned Giving

Planned giving is an important component of the Foundation’s efforts. By planning your gift over a certain period of time, you have greater control of how your gift positively transforms the community, how it affects the benefactors of your philanthropy and how your legacy is remembered. After careful consideration of your personal and family wishes, a planned gift can be tailored to fit your financial situation and provide significant tax advantages. Your planned gift can support your community while enjoying tax savings that benefit you and your family.

Assets, Stocks, Bonds & More

You may donate securities or property to a fund under your name and receive a tax deduction for the market value on the day of the gift, without having to pay capital gains tax. Estate plans are also supported by the Foundation through the Charitable Lead Trust. If you donate part of your estate to the trust now, the income will go to your fund for a stated number of years. Your estate taxes are reduced and the property is not taxed to your beneficiaries.

Merrick Society

Engaging and improving our community, Merrick Society donors are a vital part of the Foundation’s mission. The annual donation commitment made by Merrick Society donors enables the Foundation to award college scholarships to economically disadvantaged students from Coral Gables Senior High School and administer grants supporting charitable organizations among other worthwhile programs the Foundation supports.

Unrestricted Gifts

By donating to the Foundation’s unrestricted funds, your gift can address our community’s ever-changing needs. We continually evaluate all aspects of community well-being: arts and culture, economic development, environment, health and human services and more. The flexibility in your unrestricted gift allows the Foundation to respond to the community’s most pressing needs today, and the unanticipated needs of tomorrow.

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Check or credit card is the easiest way to contribute to a fund and may qualify for maximum allowable income tax deductions.