2022 Community Giving Program Grant Agreement Upload Form

• Do not announce, publish or share this grant until the day of our award presentation. Information to come.

• If Grantee is not able to use the grant funds for the purpose stated in this agreement, Grantee must submit a written request for the approval of changes in its grant funding purposes. This request must be approved by the Foundation prior to making any changes. If an alternate purpose is not approved, the funds must be returned. If you encounter obstacles, please let us know so we might offer help. Grantee will provide updated contact information as needed throughout the allotted grant period.

• Grantee will publicize and acknowledge financial support from the Coral Gables Community Foundation, as feasible and not at great expense: Include news of your grant in press releases to the media, publications, brochures, annual reports, websites, advertisements, signage, programs, etc.  Send us links to press mentions of the project or program for our social media.

• Grantee will use the following wording when referencing support from the Coral Gables Community Foundation: Support for [the XYZ Performance, Production or Program] was provided by a grant from the Coral Gables Community Foundation. Identify the Coral Gables Community Foundation by its full name, not “CGCF” or “the Foundation.”

• Grantee will submit by Sept. 1, 2023, a Grant Report online at gablesfoundation.org/grant-report/. This includes a report on activities uploading photos, and (if feasible) a link to a short video.