2023-24 Scholarships Program

Royal Caribbean International gives merit-based scholarships to secondary school children of employees.

To start a grant or sponsorship application, click the “Apply Now” link. You’ll be taken to another website.

  1. Use the access code “123” to begin.
  2. Register to create a new student account. This requires a valid e-mail.
  3. Apply for the Royal Caribbean Scholarship.

Click in the “Access Code” box and type 123.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Email address should I use? 

A. ANY email that’s not dadeschools.net will be fine.

Q. What do you want to see in the “Personal Financial Statement”? 

A. Please describe your home life, and your family’s ability to afford college for you. Do you qualify for a federal school lunch discount? Do both parents work? Do you expect to work during college? Do you have siblings also attending college now?

Q. Is there any advantage to submitting early? 

A. No.

Q. I submitted too early and I need to make an edit or upload something. 

A. After you submit your application, you can’t edit it. If you need to do so, please email Robertson Adams / robertson@gablesfoundation.org to request that your application be returned to “DRAFT” mode so you can edit it again. Important! You need to submit it again, before deadline, for it to be judged by the committee.

Q. Can I email an attachment instead of uploading it?

A. No. Really, really, really, no.


Q. I need to make a change to an application which I already submitted. 

A. It’s fine. Please call the Foundation and ask for Robertson Adams via 305-446-9670 during business hours, with the name of the scholarship and the date you submitted it. We will authenticate your identity, and then return it to DRAFT status for you. Don’t forget – you must submit it again.


Q. My school requires that the person giving a letter of reference submit it directly to the Scholarship Program. 

A. Applications that require a it, now have the ability for you to provide an email; we’ll send an upload link to them.  GREAT NEWS -as long as your application is completed and submitted by March 3rd, then your references will be able to submit their letters of reference until March 10th at noon.