The Community Giving Program will open for grants in Spring and we aim to make awards by June.


On August 31, 2022 the Coral Gables Community Foundation awarded grants to 26 deserving local non-profit organizations in its 2022 distribution to support issues within the Foundation’s focus areas: education, arts & culture, placemaking and historic preservation and social & health services. We are excited for this year’s selection of impactful grants for our community.

More than 125 letters of inquiry were submitted in May, and the staff and board reviewed each one diligently and narrowed down the field.

“It is a tremendous point of pride for the Foundation to award grants to so many deserving organizations that serve our City. On behalf of our Board of Directors, it is our privilege to support the 26 non-profits that received grants from us this year and to see firsthand the excellent work they do serving our residents,” said Mary Snow, President and CEO.

Press release: https://gablesfoundation.org/2022/08/31/2022-community-grants/ 

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If you’re a grantee and need assistance, please call Robertson Adams, marketing & program manager, at 305-446-9670 or email grants@gablesfoundation.org.


The Coral Gables Community Foundation awards grants to deserving local non-profit organizations that address issues within our focus areas and serve those who live, work, learn and play in Coral Gables. Our focus areas are Education, Arts & Culture, Placemaking & Historic Preservation and Social & Health Services.


You’re invited to browse “Frequently Asked Questions” further down on this page.

Please email robertson@gablesfoundation.org with any queries about the Community Giving Program.


In order for a proposal to be considered for funding, first the applicant registers and submits a brief Letter of Inquiry (LOI).

You will be asked to submit:

  • Your name and organization, title, email, phone, website URL.
  • Project description, which includes activities, intended outcomes and community served.
  • Amount of funding requested and total budget for the project/program.


  • Letters of Inquiry were invited in April and the deadline was early May.
  • Staff and Board Committee reviewed 125 LOI’s and selected 26 to go forward.
  • In June and July the ideas were developed into grant proposals. The Community Giving Committee reviewed them and made 26 awards.
  • Grants and checks were presented at an event on August 31, 2022.
  • A similar timeline is expected for 2023.
  • Contact Robertson Adams via grants@gablesfoundation.org with any questions.

All grants are one-year grants. No new proposals can be considered until all terms of Grant Agreement, narrative and financial reporting requirements are met.


  • Sectarian or religious activities
  • Political activities or organizations
  • Grants directly to individuals.
  • Annual fundraising campaigns
  • Special events or fundraisers
  • Organizations operating outside the United States
  • Organizations seeking support for fundraising events
  • Individuals


My organization applied for a grant in 2021 during your Fall grant cycle. Do we have to wait a full year to apply again? 

No need to wait. Go ahead. Keep in mind this will probably be our only funding opportunity for 2022.

Our organization’s programs benefit all of South Florida including the Keys. Can we apply? 

If Coral Gables residents, schools or organizations benefit, then go ahead.

Does my non-profit organization need to be headquartered in Coral Gables in order to receive funding? 

No, but we need to see a substantial connection to our city; the program must support the Foundation’s focus areas for our residents, our students or our visitors. 

What does the Foundation mean by “Placemaking & Historic Preservation?” 

Strengthening the connection between people and the places they share, placemaking refers to a collaborative process by which we can shape our public realm in order to maximize shared value. 

Our religious organization has mission work in the community that has a primarily non-worship purpose. Is it eligible? 

Non-worship activities that benefit the Coral Gables community may be considered. 

What’s the typical amount paid by the Foundation in a grant? How much can we ask for? 

In the past most grants were often between $1,000 and $3,000 in size and there were about 50 to 70 grantees per year. This year, we expect slightly fewer grants to be awarded, but we will make some larger ones – perhaps in the $5,000 or $10,000 range for really ambitious projects that could have a lasting impact.

I want to log in to a second Kaleidoscope account using a different e-mail, but I can’t find the login / I am getting errors when I try to log in.

In both of these situations, clearing the “cookies” in your web browser is very likely going to be the solution.

How can I check on the status of the Letter of Inquiry I submitted?
Can you confirm receipt of a Letter of Inquiry?

You won’t be able to find out anything until our review committee selects LOIs for an invitation around June 1. At that time we’ll send an invitation by email only to the selected applicant.

Can I modify my Letter of Inquiry? Can I change the amount?

Even our staff is locked out of making any modifications to the LOIs or the organizational information submitted with it.

How can I be prepared for the next steps? 

Here are the file uploads and text responses required for the full Proposal. File uploads include:  Completed form detailing your Project/program budget including expenses and revenues; IRS letter of determination indicating 501(c)(3) status; your board contact information; most recent IRS Form 990 (tax filing).  Text responses include: Brief organizational mission statement; description of why your organization is requesting these funds, what the funds will be used for and what outcomes we can expect; and how will Coral Gables Community Foundation’s contribution be acknowledged or recognized?  None of your responses or files should not be emailed. Finally, if your organization is selected for an award, you’ll need to have your CEO sign a grant agreement and an IRS form W-2. Disclaimer: This list is not meant to be comprehensive and it may change. And please don’t submit any of this until you’re invited to do so.

When is the next grant cycle for the Community Giving Program? What should I do with a request between now and next year?  

We have no date set for this, but the Community Giving Program could be expected to open again in 2023.

The Foundation is a proud supporter of over 100 organizations through our Community Giving Program, including: